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        Since last year I have been shooting family life as it happens and it grows on me every single time I do it. I think it’s honest and real. Here are my reasons, why I think you should book a family documentary session in your own environment:

        81 family day in the life photography ireland clonmel tipperary


        1. Your children will visually be able to see how their childhood looked like. Day in the life photos will gain more and more value as years pass by. The older your kids get, the more they’ll forget small details of their childhood. Having photographer in your environment, helps them to remember and they’ll cherish these photos forever.

        37 family day in the life photography ireland clonmel tipperary


        2. Seeing your life though someone else’s eyes. Surely you could snap away the daily memories yourself with your camera or iPhone? Yes you can and you should, there is nothing wrong with it. But having a professional photographer to tell a story, skillfully capture the light and compose the photos in a certain way, makes a huge difference! Also YOU get to be in the photos and witness the interactions.


        3. Family photos boost children’s confidence and self-esteem. There’s a really interesting article about this topic here.

        70 family day in the life photography ireland clonmel tipperary


        4. Real life moments in your own environment captured. You will be able to see the changes in your life such as kids growing up, house decoration changes, new pets or furniture etc. Day in the life shoot is 100% documentary session, there is no posing or directing, it just captures your life, the way it is.

        03 family day in the life photography ireland clonmel tipperary

        5. It’s about you and your family. It’s not about the photographer or social media. There is no posing the picture or creating an environment, where your family doesn’t belong to. It’s natural and real, because the aim of day in the life shoot, is to show your life in an honest way, the way your children will remember it.

        88 family day in the life photography ireland clonmel tipperary


        Day in the life, family documentary session is most suitable for families with young kids, because young kids are the most active and the hardest to pose on formal family shoots. Documentary shoots capture their natural being and show their true personality.

        Contact me for packages and pricing though this form. Or e-mail me berit.alits@me.com or call 086 845 0219.


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