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        Noelle and Jason have been living in Canada for the past few years and due to pandemic they hadn’t been home for 3 years, so their wedding was much anticipated celebration for both of the families. 

        Morning of the wedding started in Noelle’s childhood home which is surrounded by Carlow mounains and they were beautifully snowcapped in the morning. We knew we were in for a cold day.

        As we left for the church the sun was shining and there was couple of dark clouds hangig over the mountauns, so we didn’t really know what to expect from the weather. But I love the extreme weather, so I was ready for whatever it was planning.  So far the weather had been on our minds, and we had no idea what was about happen as Noelle was ready to make her entrance to the church.

        Ceili Cottage was playing the ceremony music and as soon as they played the first note, something very unxepected happened. Suddenly someone shouted: “Call an ambulance!”. It was a medical emergency for one of the guests and big shock to everyone present. Thankfully that person came around a little and was brought to a pub across the road from church to wait for the medical professonals and after about 15 minutes we were able to continue with the cermemony. You could see that everyone was quite shook from it and what helped to lighten the mood was the priest. He said: “Any chance to get to the pub”. From that moment I immediately relaxed and everyone had a little giggle which was much needed as Noelle and Jason were about to get married and have one of the best days of their lives.

        But the adventures didn’t end there. The day kept throwing unxepcted twists and hurdles (nothing as dramatic as medical emergency thankfully), but more of weather related twists (as we predicted in the morning). Noelle and Jason ended up dancing in the rain outside the pub after their ceremony. Then we drove to mountains to take pictures and we got the dramatic rain clouds on the background and also hail (which they ended up dancing in of course!). Surely all that will make a very blessed marriage? 

        I am so glad to have been part of this lovely day with so many special moments and family reunion for this Irish couple living in canada. 

        Suppliers of the day:

        Chruch Music: Ceili Cottage
        Reception: Avalon House
        Hair by: Amanda Doogue/Unveiled Stylist
        Makeup by: John Paul Payne
        Wedding Dress: Mikaella
        Brides shoes: Ted Baker
        Grooms suit: Surmesur
        Bridesmaid dresses: Asos
        Flowers: The Wild Bunch
        Wedding Film: House of Ren
        Band: The Luna Boys


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