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        Estonia, June 2013

        June 29, 2013 June in Estonia is a month full of mosquitoes, the weather can be rainy and cold or hot and thundery. It's a month of barbecues and the midsummer celebration!
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        June 12, 2013 Test shoot. Impatiently wanted to test out my new camera Nikon D800.
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        May 26, 2013
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        January 31, 2013 Every person I photograph inspires me differently. I remember when I started taking pictures of people then before photo shoots I was always learning poses and posing from magazines and from different...
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        January 4, 2013 I took these pictures few months ago and I never got a chance to edit them.  I was going for a grainy, blurry and kind of dark look with these photos (just getting out of my comfort zone as I usually...
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        Looking back to 2012

        December 30, 2012 ...what a great year in so many levels - especially with photography and with some challenging film projects I have been involved with! Here are some of my favourite photos from the year 2012! Yay an...