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        Couple of weeks ago I had the best time in the photography workshop in Estonian countryside, on the shores of the lake Peipus. The workshop was held by Katrina Tang, an amazing children photographer whose work I truly admire.
        Our task was to find a photo story from the village we stayed in, and we had a whole day to photograph and think of a concept.
        The village itself already was such an inspiration, long line of wooden houses with a lot character, each of them looked different, colorful and quirky yards and friendly people. Lot Estonian photographers spend their time in this village quite often, so thankfully people in there are quite used to being photographed 🙂
        All the participants of the workshop were left off in pairs. My photo partner and myself strolled around and met Arabel. We then decided that we’d get to know her and ended up spending few hours with her.
        Arabel is such an interesting character and adorable model – we are so grateful to her for putting up with us and telling us so many wonderful stories of how she spends her summers on the shores of lake Peipus.

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