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        What kind of work do you do?

        Do you take formal family shots at weddings?

        How do you work throughout the day?

        Can I purchase the album after the wedding?

        Do you work with a videographer?

        Do you cover weddings internationally?

        Do you work with a shot list?


        My main focus is wedding photography, I love couples who are not afraid to show their feelings. My wedding approach is natural, I don't like staging anything. Even when we are doing the couple shoot, instead of hardcore posing, it's more of a guiding you into your comfort zone. I also work with families, I make artistic portraits of children and I photograph families in their every day environment. Since photography is both my hobby and my work, there are few personal projects that I am currently working on (I have been posting snippets of these to my personal Instagram account, I have no idea when, how or where will I formally publish them).


        Do you need food?

        What’s the booking procedure?

        Is there a travel fee / any hidden costs?

        When do we get our photos/ album?

        We feel worried about posing and look awkward on photos?

        Do you have backup cameras/ insurance?