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        Loved working with this fearless couple! We discussed some ideas for the pre-wedding shoot over e-mail and they mentioned that they would like to go into the water. None of us was really up for the typical beach shots, so the couple suggested this amazing river with waterfalls in Crough Wood, Co. Waterford. It’s just down the road from Mahon Falls and even though I have been in that area million times, I have never been to the Crough Wood. I am glad they suggested this place, because it was simply magical. Within a small area, there are amazing waterfalls, river, trees, luscious grass and forest!

        Towards the end of our shoot, they decided to go to the water…. it was cold, but of course that didn’t bother anyone 🙂 I also followed them to the water and it wasn’t too bad at all! First water activity this year!

        Can’t wait for their Waterford Castle wedding next year!

        pre-wedding shoot in co Waterford pre-wedding shoot in co Waterford

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