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        Choosing the right location for your photoshoot sets the whole mood and atmosphere of photos. It reflects your personality and helps to achieve interesting creative look for photos.

        I have MANY options for choosing the location for your photoshoot. I mainly shoot in nature as I find it more natural and simply beautiful. Most of the time I am based in Clonmel,  Ireland, so all the locations I have chosen to feature in this post are around here.

        All the locations look different in different seasons. Location that I would choose during the winter, I might not choose during the summer.

        You can choose from these locations which you feel would suit for your portrait/ family shoot. Some of these locations only work well during certain season, so if you like winter locations, then last time to book your shoot now!

        1. Grass field 

        Best season for shooting: Summer

        Best time of the day: 1-1.5 hours before sunset



        Beautiful and timeless setting. It really is a classical choice and I use this location a lot!

        All the following shoots are done on grass fields.






        2. Beside the little lake 

        Best season for shooting: Any

        Best time of the day:  1-1.5 hours before sunset

        Girl with skateboard standing beside lake

        This place is close to Clonmel and it’s not the most traditional choice of location. Rather quirky in my opinion. See more from this location and shoot here: http://www.beritalitsphotography.com/zoe/

        3. Abandoned warehouse 

        Best season for shooting: Any

        Best time of the day: Late morning – midday

        Dancer in abandoned warehouse, dramatic light

        Quite dramatic light and one of the coolest locations close to Clonmel. Not everyones cup of tea, but amazing for those who like it. See more here (all the photos taken around same location): http://www.beritalitsphotography.com/katy-2/

        4. Blossom Locations

        Best season for shooting: Spring (April-May)

        Best time of the day:1-1.5 hours before sunset

        Young girl in flower blossomSpring is wonderful time of the year, everything starts waking up, weather gets warmer and everyone looks happier. This season is short, so get your bookings in early! See more of this shoot here: http://www.beritalitsphotography.com/mya-children-photography-clonmel-co-tipperary/

        5. Comeragh Mountains

        Best season for shooting: Any (but since it’s always windy up there, then summer warmer winds are preferred)

        Best time of the day: 1-1.5 hours before sunset


        My boyfriend keeps teasing me saying that if I could, then I would live in mountains. Not quite the truth, but the fact is, I really like it up there! No matter what the season, it always looks pretty much the same and light is always beautiful. I also love the wind – for pretty windswept hair photos.

        You can see more here: http://www.beritalitsphotography.com/coia-portrait-photography-clonmel-co-tipperary/  and here’s an engagement shoot, photos taken in Comeragh mountains: http://www.beritalitsphotography.com/tp-engagement-session-clonmel-co-tipperary/

        6. Park

        Best season for shooting: spring, autumn

        Best time of the day: 1-1.5 hours before sunset

        05 family photographer in clonmel co tipperary photographer autumn portraits child fine art portraiture season natural light nikon d800 pose posing leaf maple 105 mm 50 mm bokeh berit alitsAbove example is taken during autumn. And you can see more here: http://www.beritalitsphotography.com/portraits-of-clodaigh/ and spring couple session here: http://www.beritalitsphotography.com/elaine-john-engagement-session-in-clonmel-co-tipperary/

        7. Winter forest 

        Best season for shooting: Late autumn, winter

        Best time of the day: Any time or 1-1.5 hours before sunset

        Girl standing in winter forest bare trees around herMy favourite go-to spot for winter shoots. Suitable basically for anyone – couples, portrait shoots and families. I think there is a certain mysteriousness about winter forest shoots!

        See some of the portraits here: http://www.beritalitsphotography.com/lydia-portraits-part-2 and here: http://www.beritalitsphotography.com/erin-and-one-cold-winter-afternoon/ and family shoot example here: http://www.beritalitsphotography.com/family-day-out-in-the-forest-clonmel-co-tipperary/

        8. Summer forest

        Best season for shooting: Late spring, summer

        Best time of the day: Morning – Mid day

        Girl with dreadlocks sitting under a tree

        See more here: http://www.beritalitsphotography.com/valentina/

        9. Farm

        Best season for shooting: Any

        Best time of the day: Any or 1-1.5 hours before sunset

        Young girl with a horse

        I love love shooting with animals and in farms. I always encourage clients who live in a farm to shoot their kids portraits there. Hens, cows, horses, cats and dogs! I think it’s wonderful!

        More from this shoot here: http://www.beritalitsphotography.com/mia/ and another portrait shoot with horses: http://www.beritalitsphotography.com/chelsey-2/

        10. Picnic area

        Best season for shooting: spring, summer, autumn

        Best time of the day: 2 hours before sun sets

        15__family_photosession_photo_shoot_creative_natural_forest_white_dress_ireland_relaxed_photographer_photography_clonmel_ireland_portrait_child_mother_happy_trees_dogThere is a picnic area close to Clonmel with these big wonderful rocks. There also is a river, beautiful trees and fields. Yet again, another perfect spot! More photos of this location here: http://www.beritalitsphotography.com/anna-and-natalie/

        11. Magical Forest 

        Best season for shooting: Winter/ Any

        Best time of the day: 2 hours before sunset


        This nearly looks like it’s not even real. Suitable for Lord of the Rings fans.

        12. Your Home

        Best season: Any

        Best time of the day: Any

        03 family day in the life photography ireland clonmel tipperary

        Check out day in the life sessions here and here. Introduction to day in the life sessions here.

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