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        Even though I am Estonian, this was my first ever Estonian wedding! None of my friends or family members are married yet, so this was so exciting for me!!

        I have been photographing weddings in Ireland for few years now, so I do know what to expect here. I knew that Estonian weddings are quite different from Irish weddings and I knew that there are few wedding games involved.

        Estonians have a thing with wedding games. A lot of games. And obstacles for the couple. For example they had to drown the old name of the bride, were stopped by fake police on the road, they put together puzzles, pieces and make their way from ceremony venue to reception (which was full of roadblocks).

        This wedding was just mad. In the best way possible of course.

        Then the couple themselves were so much fun! The morning of the wedding was very easygoing, couple was getting ready together, drank champagne and took their time. And we had a lot of time before wedding ceremony started so we decided to have some shopping trolley fun with bride and groom. See the photos below.

        There was also a really cute task that groom had to complete. Obviously everyone knows that babies are brought by storks. So the couple wrote down their baby wishes on ribbon and delivered it to storks. So cute! 🙂 (See photos below).

        01 wedding photography eesti estonia pulmafotograaf 02 bridal makeup getting ready 03 bride getting ready 04 champagene glasses wedding 05 bridal hair 06 happy bride 07 brides dress hanging eivere manor 08 bides shoes 09 groom getting ready 10 groom getting ready 11 groom getting ready 12 groom getting ready 13 groom getting ready 14 bride and groom and champagne 15 bride getting ready 16 bride getting ready 17 bridal portrait 18 bridal portrait 19 grooms portrait 20 couple photo 21 couple photo eivere manor estonia eesti 22 couple wedding photo eesti estonia 23 couple on the field wedding day 24 couple on the field wedding day 25 love lock estonian wedding 26 couple kissing at the love bridge 27 couple closeup 28 headless portrait of wedding couple 29 couple silhouette 30 31 estonian wedding bridal flowers 32 33 34 bride and grrom in shopping centre 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 estonian wedding 42 43 estonian wedding 44 estonian wedding 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58


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