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        And it’s time for one of those posts again. The post where I wrap up the YEAR. I can’t believe how quickly the year passed. But looking at the photos I see a lot of progress and it makes me so happy.

        2013 – what a year! Many many very good things happened and I am ever grateful for this.

        I have picked some of my favourite photos that I took during 2013. Every single photo has a different meaning for me. All photos in RANDOM order.

        1. Portrait of Stephen. More here.

        01 2

        2. Portrait of Charlie at his communion
        I remember this day so well. I drove to Cork to take his communion photos, I had to borrow a camera for this because my Nikon D90 was broke. Shortly after that I got a new camera (D800!). More of his communion photos here.


        3. Portrait of Chloe. See more here.


        4. Erin on the clouds (see the before and after shot here).

        01_model_fairy_conceptual_fine art_cotton_cloud_creative_portrait_photography_photographer_nikon_d800_dreamy_babys_breath_long hair_lace_vintage_clonmel_tipperary_ireland_berit_alits

        5. Standing with the Wind – portrait of Courtney
        This image is so important to me. I remember when I took it, then I made a conscious decision that this is the direction I want to take in photography. I didn’t know then, that this was the best decision ever. I didn’t know then, that this photo will be the winning photo of the creativeLIVE Photo Week and I am going to win Canon 5D Mark iii, and I didn’t know it will also win a Pentax Portrait of the Year competition in Estonia with the prize of trip to Amazon rainforest (Peru)!! I have never won anything and attention from this picture has been beyond my wildest dreams. It includes features in different websites, an interview with Estonian local newspaper and it also made it to the national (web)news in Estonia! More photos of this shoot here.


        6. Portrait of Courtney
        This was the first time for me to photograph Courtney. I met her through the Doll’s House short horror film that was our college project. I just loved her character and really wanted to photograph her. More shots here.


        This was the first time to shoot at night and really test the abilities of my new Nikon D800. More of this shoot here.


        8. Valentina. More here.


        9. Erin. More here.

        03_model_fairy_conceptual_fine art_cotton_cloud_creative_portrait_photography_photographer_nikon_d800_dreamy_babys_breath_long hair_lace_vintage_clonmel_tipperary_ireland_berit_alits

        10. Katy. More shots here.


        11. Chelsey. More shots here.

        12. Jennie
        I loved this wedding very much. See the full wedding here.


        13. Jennie and Sean

        14. Maria


        15. Courtney. Again experimenting with props with portraits. More here.


        16. Nicole, more here.


        17. Chelsey. More from this shoot here.


        18. Natalie
        Loved this family session.


        19. Grace. More here.


        20. A flower lady. Taken on my holiday to Estonia. I have always wanted to take portraits of random people on the streets. But it never really happens, I would like to take time and do this more often next year! This lady was selling flowers on the street. I of course bought a bunch from her!


        21. Self Portrait taken on my 28th birthday. At this moment I was doubting myself and didn’t exactly know what to do or which direction to go. Taken on my birthday, Viljandi, Estonia, 4th August 2013. Photos of this holiday here.


        22. Jade. More here

        DSC_9171 copy

        23. Grace. For this shoot I wanted to photograph red on red. And use other bright colours – not my usual style! More here.


        24. Grace


        25. Sirli. More here.

        26. Sirli


        27. Jade

        I’d like to thank you everyone who I was working with throughout the year – clients, models, makeup artists (Jade Kirwan, Rhia Cloona, Edyta Dullin, Aisling White), hairdressers (Coia Dahill), assistants and of course my biggest supporter, my boyfriend! Thank you!

        And if that post wasn’t long enough, then here is an overview post about 2012! 🙂

        Can’t wait to kick off 2014- many adventures planned for this year already and soo looking forward to see where else  it brings me!

        Happy New Year everyone  – follow your dreams! 🙂

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